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We make up our mind to make a global energy enterprise which will not wait for changes but preempt them.

The Company is determined to endeavor to continuously develop relevant technologies and renovate the technologies so as to satisfy its customers and provide them with the best services. Thank you for your patronage and support.


09, 2001  Established nanoSolution (Ryuchon-dong, Gwangju City)

12, 2001  Completed development of super precision and super hard Scriber wheel for LCD


04, 2002  Completed development of Zirconia Ceramic ST & C Sleeve

05, 2002  Developed solid sleeve

08, 2002  LINE UP for 300 thousands of sleeves a month

09, 2002  Moved to Techno Park in Gwnagju and Jeonnam

11, 2002  Reviewed development of DWDM Filter & Module

11, 2002  Reviewed V-Groove chips for Fiber Array for optical communication

02, 2003  Development and sale of SC ADAPTER

02, 2004  Certified with venture firm

03, 2005  Certified with INO-BIZ

03, 2006  Certified with ISO 9001

07, 2007  Developed capillary mold injection technology for wire bonding

07, 2008  Exported sleeves for receptacle to a Japan based company, TOTO

10, 2009  Exported ferrule for GEM in Taiwan


02, 2010  Developed receptacle for transceiver

03, 2011  Developed APC receptacle

03, 2012  Developed field assembly optical connector